Have you received a penalty notice from the State Debt Recovery?

Have you received a penalty notice or a penalty reminder notice from the State Debt Recovery for offences such as speeding, traffic light, bus lane, T-Way or driving unregistered vehicles?

If so, the penalty notice will provide you with options:

  • You can pay the fine and incur the demerit points.
  • You can nominate who the driver was if you were not driving.
  • You can request a review.
  • You can elect to have the matter determined by a court.

Of course it is not easy to challenge the accuracy of the cameras as they are tested regularly in accordance with the legislative requirements. Also, experts can be quite expensive.

However, you may have a defence if other circumstances were involved. For example if you were not the driver, or there is a legitimate reason why your vehicle triggered the camera, such as being involved in an emergency situation.

Or you may have sold the vehicle before the offence occurred. If so, this can result in making the new registered operator the responsible person and not you.

There are also other legal defences, including under the Criminal Code that may apply to you, depending on the facts of your alleged offence.

If you have received an Enforcement Order you still have an option of seeking an annulment order. There may be good reasons why you did not pay the fine in the first place. Did you receive the penalty notice or penalty reminder notice? Did the State Debt Recovery have your correct address? Did the Roads and Maritime Services have your correct address?

Your driver licence can be so important these days. Work, family and social commitments make life hectic enough without having to rely on public transport.

I appeared in court for the Roads and Maritime Services in these types of matters many times over the years.

If you have received a penalty notice for a camera detected offence contact me NOW for a FREE CONSULTATION to find out what your options are.


Anthony R A Stewart Solicitor