Have you received a Notice of Suspension, Cancellation or Licence Refusal from the Roads and Maritime Services?

License suspension problems? Contact Anthony R A Stewart, Solicitor Wollongong

If you get one of these Notices it probably means that you have exceeded your demerit points (if you are a Learner or Provisional driver) or that you have accepted liability for an excessive speed offence. Or you may have had your exemption as a visiting driver, or exemption (if you are a Learner or Provisional Driver) to drive prohibited vehicles withdrawn.

A learner or provisional P1 has a threshold of 4 points within 3 years. A provisional P2 plater has a threshold of 7 points within 3 years. Excessive speed offences (more than 30 kilometres per hour) also result in licence suspensions. If you get this Notice it should provide that you have 28 days to appeal.

Depending on your driving record the appeal may be worth your while. In most (but not all) cases the law provides that there is a stay whilst the appeal is on foot, which means you can keep driving until the appeal is heard. This is particularly helpful as people find it difficult to manage various work and family commitments without a driver licence.

If you get one of these Notices call me for a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your prospects. I have a lot of experience and was previously appearing in court in these appeals for the Roads and Maritime Services in my former role as the Senior Prosecutor.


Anthony RA Stewart, Solicitor