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Apprehended Violence Orders

Have you been issued with an apprehended violence order (AVO) or are you concerned for your safety or the safety of those you have a domestic relationship with? There are two types of AVO: apprehended domestic violence orders (ADVO), and apprehended personal violence orders (APVO). ADVO are usually issued by the police after charges are […]

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MELBOURNE, AUS - APR 14 2014:Victoria Police car.As of 2013, Victoria Police has over 12,539 sworn members across 325 police stations.It has a running cost of aprox. 2.1b $AUD (A$372 per resident).

Have you been accused of a driver licensing offence?

Driver licensing offences can be costly. Driver licensing offences under the Road Transport Act (RTA) include: Obtain driver licence by false statements, unlawfully possess, alter or use: sections 49 to 51 of the RTA Drive without a licence: section 53 of the RTA Drive or make application for driver licence whilst: section 54 of the […]

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Has your Authorised Inspection Station or any of your Authorised Examiners had their authority refused, cancelled or suspended?

The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) or Police may require the registered operator or a person who has control over a vehicle to present the vehicle for inspection under clause 56 of the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation (RT(VR)R). All vehicles must be inspected at least once each year, with public passenger vehicles at least […]

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