Have you been issued with a toll notice?

Have you been issued with a toll notice or penalty notice for fail to pay toll?

These days Sydney’s toll roads are cashless and it is not too difficult to run up toll fees if you are unaware. Particularly if you are from regional areas or interstate. Or if you are unaware of a faulty electronic tag.

Sydney’s toll roads include the:

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Sydney Harbour Tunnel
  • M5 Southwest
  • M7 Westlink
  • Cross City Tunnel
  • M2
  • Lane Cove Tunnel
  • Eastern Distributor.

When you go through a toll, if you have an electronic tag it will beep. If you do not have an electronic tag, then you usually have to sort it out online by obtaining an electronic pass within 3 days. If you do not do so, then you receive a toll notice (usually the toll amount and either $1.10 with an electronic tag account or with an administration fee of $10.00) and a final toll notice (usually the toll amount and an administration fee of $20.00) from the Roads and Maritime Services before the State Debt Recovery take over and commences the penalty notice process. The fine then becomes $165.00. Ouch!

Although there are no demerit points for toll offences, it can still be quite inconvenient.

It gets worse, if you contest it and take it to court and are subsequently found guilty and convicted, the maximum penalty the court can award under clause 23 of the Roads Regulation is $550.00.

However, depending on the unique circumstances of the offence alleged, you may have a defence. You may have had an electronic tag or obtained an electronic pass. You may have paid the toll notice, final toll notice, penalty notice or penalty reminder notice. You may not have been the driver of the vehicle. The vehicle may have been disposed of prior to the offence or the vehicle may have been illegally taken or used.

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Anthony Stewart, Solicitor