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MELBOURNE/AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 2: Closeup of a Speed Camera / Safety Camera located on a freeway near Epping in Melbourne, Australia.

Has your company received a penalty notice for failing to nominate?

If one of your company vehicles has been detected committing a camera detected offence (such as speeding, traffic light, bus lane, TWay) you will be sent a penalty notice from State Debt Recovery with the opportunity to nominate the responsible person for the vehicle or else your company could be liable for failing to nominate. […]

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speeding fine

Have you been declared to be an Habitual Traffic Offender?

Have you been declared to be an Habitual Traffic Offender under the Road Transport Act? If you have been convicted of at least three relevant offences within the five years before the date of the most recent conviction you are declared by section 217 to be an habitual traffic offender. Relevant offences defined in section […]

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